ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) in California

ADUs are additional living units on residential property that allows other people to live separately from the main home. The Accessory Dwelling Units can be attached to the primary residential property. They can also be designed and built independently on another section of the lot. If you are a property owner this can be a great opportunity to generate rental income, or add extra private space for your family members.

Building an ADU in California

Recent Laws in California has made it easier to build and design an ADU in your property. In fact, There are less regulations, and the the local building authorities have recently streamlined the ADU permit process. However, you still need to obtain all mandatory permits and licenses from your local housing department before you start digging. The best thing to do is to hire a professional Construction Builder.

Renting and ADU

Generally, you may rent an ADU independently from your main home. However, be aware of all the state regulations tenants and landlords must abide by in California. For this, you will need to register a separate address with the Postal Service, and allow the mail man to deliver mail to this location easily. Additionally, make sure you sign an official rental agreement with your tenant, including utility responsibility, and parking designations.

ADU rental In california

It is also important to contact your local government, before you list your granny flat with Airbnb or other online services. Some cities have banned short-term use of rental property. They want tenants to have more opportunities for long lease terms, usually 6 months to a year.

The Importance of ADU’s

In the case of California, it is uncommon to hear that the Department of Housing is making it easier to do anything. After all, it is one of most regulated states in the country. However, due to the exorbitant rising housing costs, California has relaxed ADU’s building requirements. As demand for rental units increase, more home owners are taking advantage of this opportunity. Most importantly, ADU’s Provide students, young couples, and even seniors an opportunity to access affordable rental units near schools, job sites, and family members. Hopefully, the housing crisis improves as more home owners build granny flats and offer them for rent. And most importantly, rental costs may eventually become more affordable in the most populated cities in California .

ADU Size Requirements

One additional important aspect of an Accessory Dwelling Unit is the size. California law requires that the maximum size of an ADU attached to your main residential property must be up to 1,200 square feet or half the size of the existing residence, whichever is smaller. This maximum also applies to Detached units .

Again, these requirement vary from city to city . Santa Monica, for example, allows a maximum of 650 square feet. Glendale, on the other hand, requires 600 square feet. Some cities may require ADU’s to be even smaller. Please check with your local government offices for details.

This is the reason why is so important to talk a licensed Construction professional like MASAMI BUILDERS before you build and design your project .

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